Welcome to the Pilbara Threatened Fauna Project

This page covers some of the commonly asked questions about this system. For more information please contact us.

Getting Started

To get started with the this system firstly you need to Register. Registrations will be assessed by DPaW before approval.

Bulk Uploading

To load bulk data into the system, the best way to see how that works is to view the Youtube video set up by the system developers, Gaia Resources. You can see the video here.

Please note that you need to keep the template files the same format as you downloaded them - and it currently does not support .XLSX format files.

Data Source Codes

The data collection form includes a range of data codes, which are able to be viewed in the following table.

Banksia Atlas BATLAS
Banded Iron Formation and Greenstone survey data BIF
Atlas of Australian Birds (Historical) BIRDATLAS1
Atlas of Australian Birds BIRDATLAS2
BugBase: South West Forest Insect Reference Collection BUGBASE
Calcrete survey CALCRETE
Cane Toad Sightings Database CANE_TOADS
Carnarvon Basin Upland Flora Survey CB_UP_FLORA
Carnarvon Basin Wetland Flora Survey CB_WET_FLORA
Positive isolates of Phytophthora cinnamomi DIEBACK
Fauna Survey Returns Database FAUNASURVEY
ForestCheck Invertebrates FC_INVERTS
Greenstone ranges survey GREENSTONE
Fire in gimlet woodlands GWW_GIMLET
Mammals on Australian Islands ISLAND_MAMMALS
Lake Muir wetlands LAKEMUIR
Buccaneer Archipelago Flora Survey NMBA_FLORA
Buccaneer Archipelago Herps Survey NMBA_HERPS
Carnarvon Basis Terrestrial Fauna Survey NMCB_UP_FAUNA
Carnarvon Basin Wetland Bird Survey NMCB_WET_BIRDS
Carnarvon Basin Wetland Invertebrate Survey NMCB_WET_INVERTS
Orchid Atlas of Western Australia ORCATLAS
Ravensthorpe Range survey data RAVENSTHORPE_RANGE
Salinity Action Plan Fauna Survey Data SAPFAUNA
Salinity Action Plan Flora Survey Data SAPFLORA
Salinity Action Plan Invertebrate Survey Data SAPINVERT
Salinity Action Plan Waterbird Data SAPWATERBIRD
Scarp survey SCARP
Swan Coastal Plain Survey SCP
Weed and native flora data for the Swan Coastal Plain SCP2
Western Australian Seabirds SEABIRDS
Shark Bay survey SHARK_BAY
South Coast? survey SOUTH_COAST
WA Threatened Fauna Database TFAUNA
Threatened and Priority Flora Database TPFL
WA Herbarium Specimen Database WAHERB
Western Australian Museum Arachnid Database WAM_ARACHNIDS
Wesern Australian Museum Bird Database WAM_BIRDS
Western Australian Museum Fish Database WAM_FISH
Western Australian Museum Mammal Database WAM_MAMMALS
Western Australian Museum Reptile Database WAM_REPTILES
Whicher Scarp Flora Survey WHICHER_FLORA


Please send feedback to threatenedfauna@dpaw.wa.gov.au.

More Help

The Biological Data Recording System, which powers this site, has a range of online help within it, and also within the main Google Code repository. You can investigate those areas for the most up to date help. If you are looking for an overview of the software and how to use it, then please check out the User Guide.